Color Dolor have been perfecting their unique art pop sound in Helsinki, Finland since 2011. In present moment Color Dolor are Stina Koistinen and Nicolas 'Leissi' Rehn. Color Dolor's 3rd album 'Love' looks at the universal theme of love from different angles: romantic love, platonic love love in society, not forgetting lovelessness and loneliness. The ‘Love’ album won the annual Teosto Prize 2019, which is one of the biggest music awards in Nordic countries.
'Love' was released May 4th 2018 with Soliti.

“A delicate weave full of colourful details created by strong compositions and the inherently built-in production.
The album lets you inside slowly, and it has found what music is at its best.” Teosto Prize jury 2019

Their second album Wonderchild, released in 2015, is about living a life full of love in the face loneliness and death.
A polished pop record of huge dynamic contrasts and beautiful songwriting, it garnered rave reviews from the press in Finland.

Color Dolor create a unique, musical experience both record and live, having played in Finland, England, Norway, Sweden and Estonia.
They opened for St. Vincent in 2014 and for Susanne Sundfør in August 2015, both in Helsinki.
Konkurssi Records released their first two albums 'Cuckoo in a Clock' in 2013 and 'Wonderchild' in 2015.

The Finnish media has baptized them as “future megastars” (NYT 33/2012), and “their sound is something completely unheard of” according to Rumba (3/2013). 




30.10.2018 I’m Done Waiting music video
19.9.2018 Running In The Dark music video
12.7.2018 New Moon music video
9.4.2018 Running In The Dark single
5.3.2018 Anyway The Wind Blows music video +single
1.2.2018 Revolution music video
19.1.2018 Revolution single
14.10.2016 Wonderchild music video
9.4.2015 Owl & Rat music video
27.2.2015 Wonderchild album
12.12.2014 Last Night digital single + music video
11.10.2013 Ones in the Woods digital single + music video
14.6.2013 Cuckoo in a Clock debut album
22.2.2013 What is Left? digital single + music video
13.12.2013 The Angel music video


“Love is the third album by Finland's Color Dolor.
Offering elements of dream pop electronica R&B industrial and club music it is a delectable showcase for the craft of Stina Koistinen and Nicolas "Leissi" Rehn.
Adventurous and dynamic yet intimate the album looks at love at several levels and from several perspectives but never fails to delight and entertain.
It is a new musical approach for Color Dolor but we think that it should provide them with a chance of gaining a major audience.”
-When You Motor Away -blog 22.5.2018

"There's an immense international hit potential in 'Running In The Dark', a sumptuously pining song that rolls on jamming soulfully as some of the best hits of Radiohead and Jose Gonzales ever. Stina Koistinen may just casually rise as a vocalist alongside Alma to some much bigger boots and Leissi's imprint is such that Paperi-T should contact him quickly. Impressive and soulful!"
Aleksi Pahkala, Päivän biisit / Songs of the Day 10.4.2018

“Anyway The Wind Blows is simply like Massive Attack meets Radiohead in both of their golden periods plus a bit of dub added. Genious. It makes no sense how good it is. That’s all there is to analyze.”
- Päivän Biisit / Songs of the Day 9.3.2018, Aleksi Pahkala

“This song (Revolution) has momentum. I can imagine the joyful cacophony this song will illicit in so many clubs… In summary, great tune, magnificent joie de vivre. banger par excellence!”
-SWIT (Superworldindietunes)16.1.2018

“Color Dolor shows that originality in music doesn’t have to be off-putting or make it inaccessible. Definitely this year’s most positive surprise.” 5/5 Rumba (6/2013)
Read the whole review here (in Finnish)

“So far the best Finnish debut album this year.” 4/5 Soundi (6/2013)
Read the whole review here (in Finnish)

“Color Dolor’s adventurous debut is a fresh, unique and well produced musical specialty in the scandinavian style.” Keskisuomalainen (29.6.2013)
Read the whole review here (in Finnish)

Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest newspaper in the Nordic countries, called the group “future megastars” in their weekly NYT-liite (33/2012).

“Color Dolors greatest strength is their huge sound that doesn’t mimic anyone, and which always stays accessible even while being completely experimental.” Rumba (3/2013)


Stina Koistinen – vocals
Nicolas Rehn – guitars, programming
Ville Kyttälä - bass, synths
Eeti Nieminen – drums
Paavo Malmberg - sound engineer