Hello friends!

We have released the first single 'Revolution' from our upcoming album! 

Revolution is a praise for friendship. 
Revolution is a love song for a true friend.
Revolution is a party anthem.

Listen, enjoy and buy:
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We have joined the wonderful label Soliti, very proud to be part of the Soliti family!

'Revolution' got some media attention already, check it out:


Super World Indie Tunes
"This song has momentum. I can imagine the joyful cacophony this song will illicit in so many clubs (don’t get me wrong, I never go out). In summary, great tune, magnificent joie de vivre. Banger par excellence."


3rd album in the making

Hey people,

We have been quiet in public lately, but that is only because we're baking new goods for you to enjoy. Myself and Leissi have been lurking in the dungeons, writing new songs that surprise even us with their new directions over and over again. The theme of the third album is 'Love' and how it appears in the world we live in at the moment. How to get it around, not keep it to yourself.. How to understand, instead of building them walls. 
We'll try to get the first single to you by summer and drop the album in Autumn. 
Hope you're all doing good and feeling dandy <3
With loves,



HEYYYYY we are coming to London this week! 

We are playing at the amazing Match&Fuse Festival. It is a very special opportunity to hear interesting and upcoming underground music, such as Color Dolor! Friday and Saturday full of gold. Check the schedules HERE .

This is our very first visit to UK and we hope to see many of you this Saturday 29th October at Club Vortex .

See you soon,

Ps. One of my favourite bands Soil Collectors is playing also the same evening, big recommendation! 



Jan & Essi have left the band, due to personal decisions. We are all still great friends and in good terms. 

So, we naturally have new members:
On synthesizers we have a great sound wizard called Joonas Kasurinen, we are lucky to have him, ziuiiiiiii! 
You might know Joonas from e.g. Juha Tapio's band.
On bass there is Antti Kivimäki, a natural born bass badass. You might know Antti from Jätkäjätkät or Yona's band.
On drums we have Eeti Nieminen, with crazy good groove and killer looks AND to top that – he's Essi's brother!
You might know Eeti from Mopo or Yona's band. 

We have been working on new songs that we are very excited about, you will here them in London 29th October (Match&Fuse Festival!) and in Helsinki 14th December in Olohuoneklubi, Gloria. Keep your eyes open for a sneak peak video!




Hey people,

We are playing the last gig of the autumn in Lost in Music, the best showcase festival in Finland next weekend. Tampere will be filled with great music from Thursday to Saturday, and we'll be there too. Come to Telakka on Saturday evening, our showtime is 00:30, although before us two Estonian bands worth checking out are playing. Hopefully see you there!

Many of you might have noticed, that we have a NEW DRUMMER!!! She is Essi Nieminen, a visual artist (+drummer, duh) from Jyväskylä. We are very very happy to have her in the family of Dolor. Ilkka got an irresistible offer to join the band of a Finnish pop/rock star Maija Vilkkumaa, so our ways parted. We wish him all the best and send him all our love on the road!

Video of Wonderchild will be out any day now. It is completely homemade, which is new and exciting for us. Me and my dear friend Anna Nuotio have been working on it haaard and now it's in the hands of Leissi. Can't wait to share it with you guys!

Ok, all for now, be online for the video!

-Stina Dolor



First of all, we want to thank all the people who have bought 'Wonderchild'. There are still some left, though, so we encourage people to go record shopping! That way we might be able to make our dream come true and release it on vinyl one day!

Two singles have been already released, of course 'Last Night' and the second one is called 'Owl & Rat'. The video features kisses, apples and even one baby. Check it out:

THREE very cool gigs coming this summer:
4th of June @ St. Petersburg (more info to come)
11th of June @ Tavastia w/ NEØV, Helsinki (with a massive surprise you DON'T wanna come!)
30th of August @ Helsingin Juhlaviikot, Helsinki (warming up for the exquisite Susanne Sundfør!)

Also, I want to tell everyone I'm doing very well. For those who haven't heard, I was in a big brain surgery where they removed a tumor from the middle of my brain. All went better than I even dared to wish for and now I'm recovering and getting ready for the future adventures :)

So, just wanted to say HI to everyone and tell about the gigs and such! Buy the album and come to our gigs if you feel like supporting Color Dolor!

Peace & Love,
Stina Dolor



'LAST NIGHT' - first single from 'Wonderchild' single + video out now!

Okay friends,

Our first single from our second album is OUT NOW! It's called 'Last Night' and is the opening track of 'Wonderchild'. You can see the video in premier on Soundi magazines webpage:

We want to thank the kick-ass amazing crew involved in the making:
Janne Aspvik - choreography & dancing with Stina Dolor
Emlia Putkinen - director
Saija Mäki-Nevala - cinematography
Maria Haipus - editing
Pyry Pakkala - lights
Emma Jokelainen - make-up & hair
Katariina Liukkonen - camera assistant
Janina Rajakangas - choreography assistant

You can buy the single from:

Also, I'd like to remind all the people in Helsinki to come to hear and see us play the whole 'Wonderchild' album from the top to the end, live, with visuals made especially for this gig by Timo Wright. It is gonna be a once-in-a-lifetime-gig, so don't miss it. 
Facebook event here.