Dear darlings,

So happy to share with you our latest music video creation. I’m Done Waiting is especially dear to me and luckily one of my dearest friends, multitalented Sara Melleri felt the same and wanted to direct the video for it. So here it is in all it’s glory! Enjoy! -Stina

Sara Melleri:
I'm Done Waiting manifests a declaration of love to oneself. To forget the expectation of romantic love for once, and only pure love would remain. Loving yourself, loving life itself, celebrating yourself.
The gorgeous Lady Clapback is portraying Stina's other side on this music video. Lady Clapback is the wild side of Stina, already enlightened and free from the expectations. The lighting and the visual world is inspired by the 90's.”

Director: Sara Melleri
Cinematography: Jonatan Sundström
Edit: Jonatan Sundström
Grade: Jonatan Sundström
Lighting design: Julia Jäntti
Make up and hair: Taneli Kemppi
Stinas and Lady Clapback's clothing: Artistiasu
Music: Color Dolor