'Love' album won the Teosto Prize 2019

We are delighted to tell you that our album ‘Love’ won the Teosto Prize 2019!!!
Humbled, honored, happy. <3
Listen to Love!

The other winner this year (there can be many) was composer Sebastian Hilli with his piece ‘Snap Music’. Check it out!

Here is how the jury described ‘Love’:
“A delicate weave full of colourful details created by strong compositions and the inherently built-in production. The album lets you inside slowly, and it has found what music is at its best.”

Teosto Prize is one of the biggest music prizes in the Nordic countries. When two pieces win the prize, each one gets an award of 20000 euros. We can do so much with this amount of money. First goal and use for the money is to find a working space that don’t give us breathing problems :D

Also with this money we are going to work work work to make our next album! We’ve already started composing.

Here is an interview for the Teosto Prize win <3 (in Finnish)
Here is an article about the Teosto Prize 2019 (in English)